Having started life as Chiene + Tait Financial Planning over two decades ago,
we have built on years of expertise, experience and trusting relationships to create
Seven Street Wealth.

Our new name and brand, Seven Street Wealth, celebrates Edinburgh’s illustrious history while looking forward to what tomorrow brings.

Our firm takes inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Edinburgh’s New Town, a masterpiece of Georgian architecture by James Craig. Embodying the enlightenment ideals of the city, our firm’s name, Seven Street Wealth, pays tribute to the seven parallel streets of James Craig’s New Town. These wide thoroughfares were a symbol of the city’s aspirations for a better quality of life, a stark contrast to the overcrowded and narrow lanes of the Old Town.

Like the seven streets of the New Town, our services are designed to provide a welcome alternative to the often crowded and confusing world of finance. We embrace the spirit of innovation embodied by James Craig’s visionary design and are committed to helping our clients chart a path to a prosperous financial future.