Key Services

Evaluation of Current Investment Management

We can undertake a comprehensive and unbiased assessment of your current investment management practices, allowing you to make informed, diligent decisions that align with your fiduciary responsibilities. We will take into consideration factors such as charges, performance, risk levels, and management style.

Streamlined Investment Management Retender Process

Should you decide to retender your investment management services, we will conduct an unbiased review of any investment proposals before providing expert guidance on the appointment of a suitable investment manager.

Implementation of Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

We provide valuable assistance in implementing an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This tailored document outlines your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and guidelines, ensuring a clear and consistent approach.

Auto-Enrolment Pension Solutions for Employers

Navigating the intricacies of auto-enrolment pension schemes (which fall outside the regulatory scope of the FCA) can be complex, so we are here to provide the necessary guidance and support throughout the process.

Review of Existing Group Pension Schemes

We can conduct a comprehensive review of your existing group pension schemes, helping identify areas for improvement and making sure your scheme aligns with both your business objectives and the needs of your employees.

Salary Sacrifice

We can facilitate salary sacrifice arrangements for your employees. Salary sacrifice is not only tax-efficient for employees but also cost effective for employers by reducing National Insurance Contributions.

Triennial Pension Scheme Reviews

We will conduct triennial reviews of your pension scheme. This ensures compliance with regulations and provides an opportunity to review your scheme’s charges, performance, and service levels.

Support for Employees

Our commitment extends beyond employers to their employees. We offer dedicated support to employees, ensuring they have the necessary information and assistance to make informed decisions regarding their pension scheme participation.

Insurance for Business Owners and Key Persons

We can establish business insurance policies, such as Key Person Cover, loan protection, and share protection, designed to provide the necessary protection and financial security for your business in the unfortunate event of sickness or death.

Review of Existing Policies

We can conduct an in-depth review of your current business insurance policies to ensure you have the most appropriate cover, offering valuable insights and recommendations.

Employee Benefits

We can create or review your employee’s benefit package which may encompass Death in Service (DIS), Income Protection (IP), and/or Private Medical Insurance (PMI).

We have extensive experience working with Housing Associations, providing Committee and Short Life Working Group support, as well as advice on future pension provision and consultation assistance.

Support for Employees

We also provide pension awareness presentations and one-to-one meetings for employees to aid their understanding and to assist in the implementation of salary sacrifice arrangements.


We have vast experience working closely with independent schools and their Governors on the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS)/Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme (STPS) or Defined Contribution (DC) plans.

Support for Employees

Our services encompass comprehensive support for both teaching and non-teaching employees, including educational sessions and one-to-one meetings. We provide employees with clear explanations of any upcoming changes and assist individuals in understanding their options.

Employee Benefits

We can create or review your employee’s benefit package in line with the benefits offered by the TPS/STPS. This may encompass Death in Service (DIS), Income Protection (IP), and/or Private Medical Insurance (PMI).

We procured Chiene + Tait Financial Planning to carry out an Investment Management Review in 2021 which was completed to our complete satisfaction and within the agreed timescales.  CTFP provided us with easily understood advice and guidance.  As a result of that, we worked with them on our Investment Policy Statement to reflect our perspective as a national health body.  Again, they provided an excellent service which met our needs and provided us with more confidence around our investments.  We have retained them on an annual basis to continue to provide us with independent investment advice.  We are very satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them.

— The General Nursing Council & Margaret McCallum Rodger Fund